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The Petkeljärvi National Park is about 12 km from Möhkö. The Border Karelian nature of the park founded in 1956 is worth experiencing.

Bodies of water and wild ridge scenes shaped by the ice age alternate with exquisite beauty. The wild nature of the area is underlined by animals that thrive in the park, such as beavers, ravens and the black-throated diver, the emblem bird of the park.

The park’s forests have remained untouched by the forest industry and 150-year-old shield bark covered pines are the oldest trees found there. A particular feature of the National Park is the battle trenches from the Continuation War of the 1940s. Some of these have been restored. On the park’s nature trail visitors can learn about fen meadows and how they are preserved as a traditional landscape.

Petkeljärvi Camping Centre is located in the middle of the Petkeljärvi National Park. It provides accommodation, food, sauna and coffee. You can take a canoe trip to see, or go hiking. Nature trails ranging from 3,5 to 35 kilometres start at the centre.