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Comfortable accommodation at Möhkö

You will find plenty of choices for accommodation in the Möhkö region. At our accommodation destinations, there are venues for arranging different events, such as meetings, parties and camps. Catering treats and other restaurant services will be arranged upon order and according to the customer’s wishes.

Mantan Majatalo inn

Enjoy your stay in the Mantan majatalo inn. At our inn, you’ll find comfortable accommodation in individual suites, and you’ll find enjoyment in the restful atmosphere of the aged building.

Petkeljärvi Center

The Petkeljärvi Center is at the heart of the Petkeljärvi National Park, and it’s available for you to stay, dine, go to a sauna or stop by for a coffee. 

B&B Kuuksenkaari

At Bed and Breakfast Kuuksenkaari, you can stay at fully equipped, high-quality suites that have an atmosphere filled with the 100-year history of the log building. B&B is located 7 kilometers from downtown Ilomantsi towards Möhkö.

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