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Co-operators in Möhkö and Petkeljärvi

There are several entrepreneurs, associations and organizations working on the Möhkö area, offering the best possible service during your stay. Collaboration between the co-operators is seamless and together we organize several events and develope our region's services. From our large scale of services you will find accommodations, food services, culture and history as well as nature services.

Have a look into the options, join in to the action and enjoy your stay. See you in Möhkö!

Möhkö Ironworks

Möhkö Ironworks is a unique cultural environment and an interesting attraction for the whole family. By exploring the Ironwork's museum exhibitions you can take a time travel through history of the Möhkö village.

Möhkön Manta – a summertime Logging site café

Sense the flavours and the athmosphere of the logging site café at a unique summer cafeteria located in one-of-a-kind surroundings of an old residential barge.

Mantan Majatalo inn

Enjoy your stay in the Mantan majatalo inn. At our inn, you’ll find comfortable accommodation in individual suites, and you’ll find enjoyment in the restful atmosphere of the aged building.

Petkeljärvi Center

The Petkeljärvi Center is at the heart of the Petkeljärvi National Park, and it’s available for you to stay, dine, go to a sauna or stop by for a coffee. 

Ilomantsi Theatre Group

Ilomantsi Theatre Group produce summertime theatre productions at the Möhkö Ironworks' area.

B&B Kuuksenkaari

At Bed and Breakfast Kuuksenkaari, you can stay at fully equipped, high-quality suites that have an atmosphere filled with the 100-year history of the log building. B&B is located 7 kilometers from downtown Ilomantsi towards Möhkö.

Arboretum Möhkö

The Arboretum Möhkö is a test site for domestic and foreign tree and shrub species started in 2004.

The war history area of Öykkösenvaara

The Soviet offensive during the Continuation War was stopped at Öykkösenvaara in July 1944. Some of the structures of the defensive battlegrounds at Öykkösenvaara have been restored for visitors.

Petkeljärvi National Park

The picturesque ridges of Petkeljärvi are a part of a long ridge formation that reaches all the way from Lake Koitere to Russia.

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