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B&B Kuuksenkaari

"lovely place"

B&B Kuuksenkaari


The elementary school built in 1914 lives its new life as a unique destination at Kuuksenvaara village, seven kilometres from downtown Ilomantsi towards Möhkö. At Bed and Breakfast Kuuksenkaari, you can stay at fully equipped, high-quality suites that have an atmosphere filled with the 100-year history of the log building.

Two of the suites have their own kitchens and showers. Up to five persons can be accommodated with extra beds in the spacious suite downstairs. The traditional teacher’s lodgings in the the building’s second floor is suited for up to three persons.

Kuuksenkaari is an extremely peaceful place of accommodation. Both suites have air conditioning, so they are pleasantly cool during summer. During the winter, you can find the skiing trails right from the front yard.

Kuuksenkaari B&B
Kuuksenvaarantie 20 C
82900 Ilomantsi
050 560 2844, 040 544 4357

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