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Ilomantsi Theatre Group

Ilomantsi Theatre Group

The spirited and high-quality theatre life at Ilomantsi has its origins dating back over three decades, all the way to 1986, when the Theatre Group was founded. 

Along with summertime theatre productions, the theatre groups of Ilomantsi adult education centre organize different productions all year long. An example of this activity is that different productions ranging from youth musicals and children’s shows to adult dramas premiere along the year. During the winter season, performances are hosted in the Kalevala Room at the Ilomantsi municipal government office, and the summer season productions are at the Möhkö ironworks area. 

Contact information:

Ilomantsi Theatre Group Ilomantsin Näyttämökerho ry
Yhtiöntie 8 
82900 Ilomantsi
050 431 9712

kylään.fi pogostan hiihto visitilomantsi